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No more Crypto, No more MetaMask Give away NFTs to as many people as you want

Finally, Ultimate "NFT Mass Adoption tool" is HERE!!! This amazing tool enables you to give away NFTs to as many people as you want. No Crypto, No metamask. We eliminated every barrier dettering people from holding their very first NFT, so that anyone can easily receive NFTs.

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Genarate wallet adrresses with SNS Authentication

Users just need to login with their own SNS accout or email address to automatically generate wallets. Users never stumble on creating wallet addresses, meaning that you can acquire users who were suffering from not being to create wallet address(powered by Torus)


Users can receive NFTs with no Gas fees

Normally, users have to pay gas fees(network fees) to receive NFTS. This tool "NFT Distributor" enables users to receive NFTs without gas fees. We employed relay transaction and succeeded in saving users from "depositing money to their own wallet" .


Faucet Feature

NFT marketplaces like OpenSea require you to pay GAS fees(network fees) when you mint or list(sell) NFTs. We integrated features to atuomatically distribute cryptocurrencies (faucet features). We provide seamless user experience since receiving NFTs to sellind or staking them.


Currently closed due to a flood of applications.


$ 0~

As a campaign to celebrate the release, you can try some of the features for free(Limited to first 5 companies)!


  • Send NFTS
  • Faucet feature
  • Usage report
  • Consultation on NFT project


$ 1,000~

Not only you can access all functions, our dedicated team will help you throughout the entire process from research/planning/development to operation.


  • Send NFTS
  • CMS feature with receiving NFTs
  • Faucet feature
  • Help you through planning/development/operation
  • Dashboard Feature
  • CMS feature with receiving NFTs Metadata
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Lose Collection

Distributed NFTs to more than 100 thousand prople (2022/8)

BornTp Inc.

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Bunzz × LEADEDGE Memorial NFT

"NFT Distributor" is to be introduced in preparation for distribution of memorial NFTs to Bunzz users (2022/11~)

LasTrust Inc.

case image

Touhoku NFT campaign

NFT campaign is to be implemented to activate Web3 in Tohoku (2022/9~)

Sparkle Inc.

case image

LEADEDGE 1st anniversary NFT

Memorial NFTs are to be distributed to cerebrate 1st anniversary of LEADEDGE (2022/12~)


case image

WEB3NOW Renewal Memorial NFT

Memorial NFTs are to be distributed to cerebrate rebranding to WEB3NOW (2022/9~)


case image


NFT planning is to be implemented to grow NFT department (2022/10~)




Without existing users left behind, implement NFT to the society.

Complete form of NFT distribution solution

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